As you are no doubt aware, Shepherd's Center programs have been cancelled for the spring. The Blocher Room is also closed for the Spring. We will contact our members when we have information for you.
We are going to  post short presentations  Access to these postings will be from links on this page. The list got too long so it was split into two groups. Here are the first 26 presentations with a link to the next group of presentations.

1 -     From Charles Boebel 2 -    from David Waas
3-5   from Wilbur McFadden (4 presentations) 6 -    from MU via Ed Miller/Jeff Osborne
7 -     Eradication of Small-pox (McFadden #5) 8 -    presentation from David Kreps (38-40)
9 -     Robins -Neil Case 10-    notes from David Swartz
11 -    ventilators (McFadden #6) 12-    something to work at
13 -   For the Birds - Neil Case 14 -   Medical History (Martha Miller)
15 -   for fun 16 -   from David Swartz - Moscow excursion
17 -   Birds are my company 18 -   Deb Romary
19 -   opinions from the internet 20 -  What birds should I write about?
21 -   A Manchester song 22 -  The Spanish Flu (McFadden #7)
23 -   A bit of Pun-tification 24 -   Neil crows
25 -   Animal Numbers 26 -   Birds - Myth and Folklore

Check information from the CDC or the State health sites for accurate information. Do not depend on sites that politicize the risks or deny the potential severity of the spread of COVID-19.

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